Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chinese New Year once again

The year has flown by very quickly.

And while many may sigh, I choose to think it is because we are healthy and therefore, time moves quickly for us. And that is a good sign.

So many changes happened in the Year of the Ox - Megan came into the family, we bought a landed house for the growing kids, financials have been in place, I chose a new route for my destination and I an very happy with the way things worked out.

Sure, there were challenges and there were problems and tears. Throughout the year, laughter has managed to tame many unpleasant situations.

I have been unable to keep up with the many events that has been happening but I am thinking of blogging it over the next one week or so and back date it to the days when it happened. I know, I know, I am cheating, but really, I wish I had 34 hours a day you know.

For now, at this hour, I am attempting to clear some of my mails etc. ... it is really a daunting act.

And tomorrow, I have many many errands to run. Looking forward to it though.

Have a blast!

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