Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My princess today

She is moving very quickly to her 2 year old mark now.I see her progress from a small tiny baby into an active, smiley, independent and strong willed girl.

She can take off and put on her shoes now, almost perfectly. She knows how to put them on the shoe rack and will take off her socks in the car or whenever she feels is irritating her.

She likes her cheese still and her pasta is usually eaten but will have bits of it stuck on her hair.She really adores food, no joke. And she is not afraid to try out new stuff.

She simply adores Ryan and will take after him, usually leaving me behind. And she gangs up with him too, against me.

She is also highly adaptable, sleeps easily and almost fuss free when sick.

She has now gotten some words together and can form phrases with her cute tongue sticking out when talking.

She recently also started to take on bears as her baby and carries one wherever she goes. It's quite cute really.

My princess Megan is a real joy to have around. May she have many more happy and healthy years ahead. I love you.

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