Monday, January 3, 2011

Ryan's first day in school

I still remember Ryan's first day in school. It was 3 years ago. I had felt very guilty then, having to send him to school at such young age. However, I am glad I did it cause he really benefited from it.

Today, it will be his first day of his last year in pre-school. It has been a great journey for him, and us. Last night, I wrapped his communications book and I am really touched by how far he has come and the many developments that has taken place.

This time next year, my baby will be in Standard One, oh, how time flies. I am so so proud of him, although there are challenging times which I am sure is normal.

Today, as in the past 3 years, I will be off from work and will be sending and picking him up - a tradition I hope my kids will treasure for many years to come.

I thank God each day for the chance he has given us to help in moulding this child. May He blesses him with many more happy and healthy times as he journeys through life.

Have a great day Ryan!

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