Thursday, October 27, 2011

I am lost without my kids

So today, my older 2 decided that they wanted to spend time with their grandma and off they went back to PD. Hmm ... 

While I think it is healthy to have them going off once in a while to be with their grandparents, I cannot help but feel a little lost without them, like part of me is missing. 

It is now 7pm, usually it will be the time they get back from the park, all sweaty and dirty and screaming for food ... but now, it is all quiet.

And so I feel terrible ... cause I have nobody to cook for!! The father said he is eating out tonight since he is gonna be late ... looks like I am going to be eating simple sandwich today. 

Such is life ... when you have kids, you live so much for them that when they are away even for a few days, you feel lost. So in preparation for the days when they finally leave the nest, looks like I am gonna have to make lots of friends and indulge in many hobbies. 

Argh!! Can't wait for Saturday to come! 


Facts of Life said...

I so agree with you, Busy Bee. I have a girl who's 15 and every year during the final school break she would pack up or rather I would pack up for her to go back to Penang to stay with my sis, who is also her Godma. Its great to have a 2 months break and be free to do whatever I want......but the truth is when she's really "gone" I would miss her so what you said "a part of me is missing". I'll stop cooking dinner... as a matter of fact I won't eat dinner at all cos I'll be all alone, no one to share with.....its really silly of us, right?

meijo's JOY said...

So glad I found your blog...I'm still new in blogging and now trying to connect with mom bloggers around the world!

Busy Bee said...

Facts of Life - I think your girl is very lucky to have you as her mum!

Meijo's JOY - Welcome and have a good journey with blogging!