Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Second birthday

Come 6th March, Ryan will be 2 years old.

As with all mothers (well, almost all), this is indeed a proud moment for it means that one has been giving unconditional love for 2 whole years and in return have also been receiving unconditional love for that long.

I will be on leave when Ryan becomes 2 years old. I intend to spend the entire day just being with him. I remember last year, I went to open a savings account for him as a birthday present. Maybe this year, I will start a UT fund for him. I know, I am $$ minded, but I also realize that this is the most practical thing I can do for him.

On his first birthday, we went to a photo studio to have photos of the family taken. This year, I am planning of having a photographer over to the house when we are having his little party. I thought this would be better in capturing the precious live moments. Photos are such nice things to keep the memories alive.

This line describes me accurately - “You know you are a real mom when … you cheer your children’s milestones but secretly wish they’d stay babies forever.” I am really proud of Ryan’s developments to date, but secretly wish that he will not grow up so quickly.