Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Verbal developments

Ryan has always been a happy baby and has also always made noise. He started babbling at a very young age and has proceeded to calling mama, papa and mek mek easily.

In the last 2 weeks, his verbal development has been tremendous, being able to make 3-4 words phrases now although tenses and grammars may not be always right.

The longest sentence we taught him was “Mummy, I want milk milk please.” Now, he has started to apply the same sentence with different food/ items now.

Occasionally he will come to me and then say something which just totally surprise me. Last Sunday, he came up to me to say “Triangle” while showing me the actual shape itself. I have only mentioned this to him a couple of times, and not really whole heartedly cause I figured he won’t understand anyway. But then he was able to recall and show it to me … I am very happy.

Another reminder that we should be careful about what we say in front of children, you never know what they hear and pick up.

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