Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Ryan has this set of Sesame Street DVDs which I'd bought a while ago.
One of it was on the alphabelts.
Recently, this is Ryan's favourite and he has been asking for it almost everyday.

About a week ago, he was playing when I heard him singing the A-B-C tune.
Thinking that it was a coincidence, I sang it out to him.
He surprised me by being able to say the alphabelts in the correct order!
Granted, his pronounciation may not be entirely accurate, but for sure he can say them out to the tune of the A-B-C song!

I was delighted and his father was grinning ear to ear. Ryan, of course, not aware of what he has accomplished, continued singing and humming the song. He even ended his song with "Tell me what you think of me..."

well, mummy thinks you are an absolute delight and a real boy wonder!!!

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