Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Loving Ryan

Ryan has been developing very well, I must say.
Recently he has demonstrated his softer side (or maybe all kids are like this?!).
Everytime he feels like he is sad, he will say "Mummy hug hug Ryan", or he will say "Mummy sayang Ryan", or "Mummy kiss Ryan".

My mum commented that he needs so much of love and not every child is like that.
I am glad that Ryan is turning to be a loving child rather than one who likes to bash people and be violent.

Of course, sometimes when we pissed him off, he will say "Go away! (In Cantonese)" or he will turn his face away and pretend to be angry! Sometimes he will also sit on the floor and mulled - a sign to show us that he is angry with something. Sometimes he will just be direct and say "Ryan angry!!"

Haha ... I just cannot help but to laugh, even though I know I should be disciplining him : )

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