Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Smart Tunnel

Completion of the Smart tunnel brought a huge relief to me cause it means that there is no more mess on the KL Seremban road and there is an alternative road to the city, which means then lesser jams and smoother journey - WRONG!!! well, at least the second part that is.

When it was free, everyone got on to it. Then Samy dearie said it would cost us RM2 to enjoy the Smart-ness. Fine, it is still better than getting caught in the jams.

Then one morning, I paid my RM2 toll like a good girl would do and SLAM!!! I was met with a terrible jam in the bloody tunnel! Then I looked right and saw that the "old" KL Seremban highway was a breeze!!! Grrrr.....

Then, there was another morning I was going into the lane leading to the tunnel and BANMM!!! another jam even before I got to the toll!!! And there was no U-turn for me.

This evening was another mess. It'd had been rainning and traffic was crazy. The tunnel was what I was looking forward to so I can reach home faster. I turned into the road beside Times square and wondered what the jam was about ... then I saw it - Terowong Smart di tutup, something about aktiviti banjir sedang dijalankan....wtf?!?!

First, I was not aware that the bloody Smart tunnel only does one thing at a time - not very SMART right??
Secondly,why was there no sign BEFORE reaching the junction to alert drivers of this? Why wait till everyone drove into the lane and the surprise us with this?!!! We then had to drive onto some gravel lane to U-turn. Honestly, this is so ridiculous!!!

But then, Malaysia boleh-la

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wsl said...

welcome to boleh land a.k.a. la la land