Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good night Ryan

When Ryan was a baby, I used to put him to sleep while nursing. Thereafter, I can just put him on his bed and he will sleep till the next feed.
After a while, things got a little crazy and then we got the sarung to help rock him to sleep.
This went on for several months till I realized he was getting too heavy for the sarung and so decided to migrate him fully to my bed.

Some months ago, I decided that he needs to get out of my bed and start sleeping in his bed ... else it would have been a bloody waste of money to buy his bed!
And so we started this ritual where I would tuck him in and then sing and pat etc. till he sleeps.
Middle of the night, he would wake up and walk to my bed and wants to nurse/ have his bottled milk.

About 2 weeks back, I decided that I have to let him fall asleep on his own. And so, I tucked him in, kiss him on his face and then leave the room. For the first 2 nights or so, Ryan would protest but then he would close his eyes and sleep. In the last few days, Ryan has been proclaiming that he is not tired and don't want to sleep.
However, because I inisist on it, he would toss and turn in his bed and even went on to singing till he drops off to sleep.

Truly, this has been great for me. At least I can now tuck him in and then come out of the room and do my own work.

His few sleep-through nights are getting rare now. Hope he continues with it soon.

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