Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I am not sure how I feel now ...

Today Ryan went back with my mum to PD. And I cannot describe how I feel now. Strange. I thought I should feel relieved, because there was a lot of stress in the last 1 week. Ryan got sick, work was a little stressed, then Ryan went into a relapsed, then I was told by the eye doctor that he possibly needed glasses, hubby was edgy as well, men, then Megan got sick last night. Sigh, the whole week has been a non-stop drama.

When my mum said she wants the kids, I was like "Woo hoo!" Freedom for a week. I was to go back this Friday to fetch them back. At least a few nights on my own, to do my thing.

And then, today, we decided that Megan stays behind with us while Ryan goes home with my mum. I was told that as soon as we were out of sight, he started to cry all the way to PD. He had wanted my dad to turn around and he said he misses us and wants to come home. My heart broke.

What I thought would be a few funs nights now feels like something I do not need after all. I would much prefer that the nights that Ryan was around adding to the fun and flavour with Megan's constant laughter.

I will be going to fetch him this Friday with Megan. Can't wait to see him.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I experience exactly the same "I am not sure how I feel now.." kinda feeling whenever I send my boy back to my parent's place.
When they're around, they drive me crazy up the wall sometimes. But when they're not around, I just misses them soo much!!!
So conclusion is, as I mum, I rather be driven up wall than feeling lonely starring on walls....

Busy Bee said...

Hi lyncpf513 - I totally agree with you. Now that they are back, I am wondering why I was lost without them last week!