Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Megan walks @ 10+months

My little baby first attempted her little steps some weeks back. She was not very stable and would be falling quite a bit. However, unlike Ryan, Megan is able to balance herself and usually eases herself to the ground instead of falling flat.

Because of this, Megan seldom had accidents while learning to walk. At most, she will sit down hard.

That was some weeks back. These few days, she has been steadier and is able to walk about 10+ feet before sitting down. I think her little legs are still a little shaky. But I am proud of her, and she is proud of herself too. She cannot stop beaming at herself.

So there, another milestone to little Megan ... she starts walking at 10+ months.

And today, it is her 11th month .... next month I will be having her 1 year old birthday party. Isn't it great?

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