Friday, December 30, 2011

As the year ends ...

Today shall be the last Friday of the year. It has been a really long and eventful year for me. So much has changed and so much has happened. But, for me, the good memories are to be shared, while I wipe out the nasty ones. The positive ones for me (in no particular order) are: 

1) I celebrated one year in my new house. 
2) Dylan was born, safe and healthy.
3) I had a good confinement lady.
4) All my family members are healthy and happy. 
5) I achieved my Hollywood challenge trip for this year.
6) Ryan breezed through his entrance exam for Standard 1 and was accepted. 
7) Ryan completed his kindergarten years.
8) I attended both Megan and Ryan's orientation days, signalling a new phase in both their (and my) life. 
9) My help at home has been good to us.
10) The sales bargains (esp. books) has been awesome this year - we need this from the way the income and expenses has been behaving.
11)  Dylan started teething, sitting, crawling and cruising ... with relatively little pain. 
12) I had 3 months maternity leave, which gave me the opportunity to do the one thing that this year has so far been the best ...
13) I quit employment after 13 years in it! 

I am sure there are plenty more but this is what I have at one sitting. 

Here's to 2012!! 


Haruki said...

Lots of blessings to give thanks for. Happy for you!

Julie M Gumpil said...

HI.. Love to read ur blog.. esp on Bfeeding... want to exchange blog? Mine: see u