Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dylan sits ... and crawls

Dylan has progressed so much in the last month or so. At 8 months plus he went from crawling to sitting almost over night. And this boy has lots to look forward to especially when his two older siblings are so active. 

Here he is seen under the Christmas tree where he finds it most amusing with the lights, colour and the many ornaments that he can pluck off the tree. His hands are really strong and he is able to prop himself up and is really very steady indeed!  

Dylan has a very different way to sit - he is usually one sided ... I really love this pose. Apart from giving me so much pleasure to see him sit, he is also relatively safe ... cause he will not fall behind or by the side when he sits! 

After kid number 3, I still never fail to be amazed by the way they develop and learn. They really demonstrate a strong will to persist and learn - I hope to be able to preserve this in them for as long as I can. 

Till another development then ... 

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