Thursday, November 24, 2011

My baby leaves school

It was just like yesterday when I sent Ryan to school for the very first time. I still remember all the guilt I had when I sent him at 3 years old. He was still a baby then, still nursing and still with diapers. 

After 4 years there, today, we have to move on and close this chapter of his life as we embark on the next phase. 

As always, I will pick him up on the first and last day of the year, today I did that too. In the car, I explained to the best I can for him to understand that the journey has been long and was filled with joy, laughter, tears and sometimes frustration. But I said that this part is now closed and we will move on to another school with good things to come. 

I am not sure if he understands it fully, but he expressed some sadness as he said he wants to always remain where he is ... he loves the play concept very much! 

Tomorrow marks a new journey for me as I will undergo orientation for Megan ... and I am sure it will be an eventful journey for all of us. 


Haruki said...

I can't help but have a little feeling of loss and nostalgia while reading this post. I have the very same feeling when my kids left kindergarten, like time passes us by, and before we know it, our kids are all grown up. Well, we will just have to make the best of time.

Busy Bee said...

Hi Haruki, you are right, making the best of time is the most important thing now. In the next one week, my babies will be going to school, and I can't help but feel they are slowly leaving me too ...