Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Happy happy

Today I am very happy for several reasons.

For one, I managed to finally buy my car!! Yeah!!
Signed the papers yesterday when the sales woman came by the office.
Paid the booking fee and was told that I will get the car end next month. Yahoo!!!
Fingers crossed on whether that will actually happened or not. Otherwise, it will be early June.
Either way, I have ended this search and the debate with hubby is finally over. We are both happy.
Now, having to start paying car installments all over again is a little upsetting though, but still I have a new car!!!

Oh, I bought the 2l Civic in silver. Apparently it is a over powered car, so I will really like the rush driving it.

Secondly, my new phone came today to the office. Yipee!!!
Maxis has been having this promotion with my company and we have 2 packages that we can take.
I took the 125 package, which means I commit to pay RM125 + 5% tax every month. If I use more than RM125, then I will have to pay more. Although it sounds a lot, it really is not. My current bill is about RM70 talk time and RM35 access fee. So the total is about RM105. Now, with RM20 extra, I actually do talk RM125 worth instead of the previous RM70 as I now do not have to pay the access fees. On top of that, I get to buy specific Nokia phones at a cheaper rate. So I got myself a N73. It is not really a sexy phone, but am happy with it nevertheless. Still figuring it out now, but I think my phone is really due for replacement already having using it for so long.

Thirdly, if you have read my previous entries, you will know that I have been complaining that I do not have a car park and how that bothers me.
Well, today I managed to secure a parking space in a nearby hotel for a cost of RM105 only!!! That works out to be approximately RM5 a day versus RM7 I am paying now. Plus, this space is covered, so my new car will be happy to be away from the sun. You have no idea how difficult it is to get these spaces, and I cannot believe my luck when I accidentally stumbled upon it through a colleague. I will start using it tomorrow.

Fourthly, my bro was in Singapore today and I asked that he gets me one of those Ipods ... and he got it for me!!! Ok, I still have to pay la, but still, I have one!!! Lately, I have been smitten by the gadgets bug, so I am really excited about all these gadgets I have. Will be going to his office tomorrow morning to get it. Really happy ... now if only I can convince him to pay for me, that would have been awesome!!

Lastly, one of my counters performed well in the stock exchange, making me smile really widely at 5pm when the market closed.
Looking forward to tomorrow when the market opens again. Hope the support is still intact then.

So happy now, I cannot sleep wor. Silly me.

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wsl said...

wa..happy happy. yea..purchases increases our happy cells (provided we hv the money la).