Monday, April 16, 2007

My car

I really hate it when I do not have my car. Really really hate it.

Last week my car was under major repairs (according to my standards) and as a result, I did not have my car for the entire week! I was really annoyed as I spent a lot of time on the public transport and much more time waiting for the bloody things to come!

I also had to arrange to have some of my friends send me home. By the time I got home, it was close to 10pm and after bathing, it was time to put Ryan down to sleep. I hardly had anytime to unwind!!!

Luckily on Friday last week, I got my car back. Not 100% "cured" but sufficiently so.

Which brings me to thinking that I am really going to get a new car now. We have spent hours debating on this subject and we finally decided that we will change.

The question is - Is that car we decided THE car and WHAT A LOAD OF MONEY GOING OUT MAN!!!

So, if all goes well, I will sign the papers within the week. Keep you updated on it then.

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WSL said...

my bro said once..."looks car are desinged to be fit for 5 yrs only..after 5th yr..problems start to pop up." I am enjoying my instalment free car...but also much life span it has.

which car r u getting?