Monday, April 16, 2007

The Potty

Ok, I must admit, I am one of those mums who is just contented to have her kids running around in diapers/ nappies until one fine day, the kids themselves will say "I don't want it!!!"

Therefore, I have never been the one who is anal about having Ryan wee wee in the potty nor the one who will make a big fuss when he poops in his diapers. I have had many mothers who came up to me and gave me "friendly" advice on how to toilet train Ryan. Info from books and magazines are also aplenty. But I never really cared much about it.

Recently, about 2 weeks back, Ryan has been coming home from nanny's with a bare back ... i.e. no diapers. I was a little worried that he will start peeing in my car, but that only happened like once. So in the past 2 weeks, Ryan has managed to hold his wee wee well and he has been able to reach the potty in good time ... most of the time.

Over the weekend, I tried having him in the house without his nappies, it was really good. Not only can he hold his wee wee, he is also able to reach the potty in time AND pull down his pants and hold the potty himself to wee wee. I am so proud of his achievement. He is even able to hold his shirt under his chin while he is at it.

I am looking forward to the day when he does not require nappies when he sleeps at night.
Hmmm .... wonder if the nanny will help in that area as well.

Kudos to the nanny.