Saturday, May 5, 2007


3 days ago, Ryan had another milestone achieved.
He was able to count 1-2-3 till 10, all in order!

He was extremely pleased with himself, although I am sure he does not know what he is counting, nor does he know what counting is. But the amazing thing is that at my bro's place the other day, he started to count the fake fishes in the tank and he stopped at 4 - exactly the number of fishes in the tank! So maybe he does know what he is counting after all!

Kiasu mum has started to teach him 11 and 12 and also started with the A-B-Cs ... then I read the article in the newspaper which said kids nowadays are more suicidal because of pressure from the parents ... aiyks!!

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Anonymous said...

You will be amazed at how fast kids can learn things. And i don't think you should be worried about pressuring Ryan at this age coz i think the article about kids being suicidal is not really true.

And also, i think at 2 years old Ryan knows what is counting. :) (not all 2 years old will know that) so i guess it is something to be proud about.