Saturday, May 19, 2007

Of thoughts & wonders

Wednesday was both a happy and sad day for me.

The happy feeling was 0that my new car came.
It was rather unexpected as it was originally planned to be yesterday, so needless to say I was really happy. The sales person went to Seremban to help me register my plate. All was done within the hour, so the car was planned for delivery at around 5pm . Swell.

For the rest of the day, I could not really focus on work cause I was very busy anticipating the arrival of my new gadget.

At about 5pm, the sales person called. My car was downstairs. She was sweet enough to drive it to me. I went down .... and there it is ... my brand new Alabaster Silver Civic, all shiny and new. Cool!

We drove to the car park where my old car was parked. It looked as if to say that it was hurt that I was giving her up. That was my sad moment. I never really thought about how much I will miss her until the moment came where I cleared all my stuff and I had to see her being driven away by strangers. I will miss her truly.

So here I am with my new car .... looking all sexy and cool .... and I have to learn to trust her and built my trust again. And in time, she will form part of my life.

Isn't this how we usually approach life in general. We build interests over time, people and things, then one day you feel like you have out grown them, you have a change in needs and you want so much more. You decide to take that step, nurture new things, interests ... and you take a bold step. You discover so m
uch more, just like me discovering my new car. In time your new interests will be part of your life.

And you will be struck with the same thought as I see my old car being driven away .... Did I really need that change in the first place? What would have happened if I had stuck with the original plans?


wsl said...

ai ya...get new car oso can be so emotional wan ah..

Fafa said...

Don't look back! People's memories are short ... soon you will not remember the old one.

Anonymous said...

Think you can never forget the memories you have with your old car..(all the more if it was your first car). You will cherish the good memories and the bad one too (when the car broke down :) ).

I still do remember the memories i had with my first car although i has been 4 years back since i gave her away. Furnie thing is although i sold the car to a car dealer.. i still see my old car on the road.

Anyway.. do enjoy ur new civic and be careful with the motobikes on the road.. they tend to come close and soon u will notice the scratches on ur car.. but since it is silver.. it won't be noticeable to others..