Sunday, April 13, 2008

I am doctor, and also cement mixer

My little baby has taken in quite a bit of imaginary play of late.

Last week he was a teacher and this week, he has gone from a cement mixer to a doctor.

He was playing at the sink some nights back while I was busy feeding him. He had had enough and was trying to tell me so but I continued to ignore him. Then he told me that he was making a cement mixer and that the cement mixer said that he has enough (of food). I was "Huh?!" and then he repeated himself. Haha .... so rather than him telling me he has had enough, he said the cement mixer has enough. How can I rebutt that right? Ok lor, so I gave in and accepted that he has enough and has to stop.

This morning I had woken up with a bad shoulder and so, I have plastered those medicated stuff on my neck. He got up and looked at me and said "What happended to your shoulder?" then asked "Why got 2 plasters" Both time I had told him that I had a pain and the plasters are supposed to help me. He quickly ran outside the room and got his doctor bag and proceeded to get everything out from taking my temperature to checking my heart beat to giving me (3!) injections and giving me sweets to trick me into eating my medication. LOL. It was very funny when he reassured me that the injections were no pain and he even kissed the spot where he supposedly injected me.

In one of his doctor ritual, this conversation took place:

Ryan: Put this (thermometer) under the armpit ah?
Me: Yes, to see if you have a fever.
Ryan: The armpit got hair ah?
Me: Yes, the armpit got hair.
Ryan (he took a peep at his armpit): When Ryan grow big boy, then Ryan's armpit also got hair lor!
Me: Hahahahahaha! Yes, you are right!

Kids, sometimes you just got to know what you teach them!

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