Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sharing my food

Lately, Ryan has been sharing my food quite a bit. Before, it was just a quick bite here and there and it never seemed noticeable to me.

Last weekend, I took Ryan to Mid Valley and we had a set of toast with 2 eggs. I got him a Milo and me a coffee. I threw in a butter cake because we were really hungry.

Before, I could consume all these, but now, I have to share with him. He ended up eating half the slice of cake, half cup of Milo, one egg, 1/4 of the toast. And I ate the balance. I had initially thought that it would not have been enough, but surprisingly, I was ok.

So, being a mother, not only would you lose some weight from all the chasing the toddler around, you would also lose weight from sharing your food! Which is a good thing I guess especially for me = )

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