Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My little ambassador of humanity

Ryan is a vegetarian since birth. I had always been afraid about whether he can still maintain that when he goes to school.

To help him understand why we do not eat meat, I told him that all animals are our friends and therefore, we do not eat them. Thankfully, he accepted this.

About a month ago, Ryan started to eat lunch in school before he goes to nanny's. I would cook in the morning so that he will get home cooked food. In school, the kids will be eating sausages and nuggets etc. Every time he asks the teacher what it is, the teacher will tell him that it contains chicken ... and he will say it's ok, he does not want it. He will then just eat the food I prepared.

His teacher was so impressed with his understanding and determination that she has now decided to cut down on her meat consumption - wild boar and mutton. She said that if a 3-year old boy can be a vegetarian, she should also follow him.

I am so proud of my little boy. I am not sure how long he will continue to be a vegetarian, but the fact that he now is, willingly, is enough for me.

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