Saturday, May 3, 2008

Malaysian comedy

I have actually started to read the alternative media for the daily news update and not bother with The Star, NST etc. And I am not alone. Many of my friends also did the same.

The recent week however, I read the The Star and guess what?? there was a joke that it carried. First, it was said that the Parliment would show a "live telecast" of the first 30 minutes of the proceedings. Then the ruckus happened and some Info minister came out to say "we will not carry this live telecast anymore" ..... then there was a holw debate and many people supporting the ban and also many people calling these people names .... then today the newspaper said "ok la, we will give everyone a chance and continue with the original 30 minute intention, else we will waste the equipment we had bought for this ..."

What la. I really hope these people can make up their minds before talking to the media. And I really think they should go huddle somewhere and vote YES/ NO before talking to anyone.

Goodness, to think that there are people who would pay RM1.50 for the damn paper to read this silly news. Hmm ... maybe that is why there are still many more copies of The Star left on the shelves, even in the evening today.

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WSL said...

ya...a day after this post..some minister announced that he strongly propose that women who travel alone will need to carry some acknowledgement letter from employer or guardian - LOL!

and a few days later..he said he was being misunderstood. Ya ya..even the OM and the entire cabinet misundertood you meh cos' they also found your statement ridiculous.