Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me = )

Today I spent 10 hours in Mid Valley, really. From 9am to 7pm.

I had a big breakfast at Coffee Bean, then spent 5 hours at the salon for my annual hair makeover. Found out that my hair stylist's birthday is tomorrow! Spent a bomb on my hair, really. Hubby would spend the next decade reminding me of this if he ever found out how much I had spend.

Then I walked the entire Mega mall, including The Gardens, really. My faithful Knickers nearly gave way to my weight. I do not know how many times I swore I would not buy anymore books, but every time I fail to remember that the moment I walked into the book store. After 2 book stores and some hundreds short, I continued with shopping until hubby came over and spoilt my spree >_<

After buying my cake and some eggs, we headed home.

It was a good day on the whole ... another year ahead. Hope that it is going to be a healthy and happy one.

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