Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I am such a cry baby

In the past 2 weeks, I have watched 2 movies which has brought tears to my eyes.

The first one was "The Pursuit of Happyness".
It tells of a story of a man who had difficulties in meeting ends, having to sell machines door-to-door, whose wife left him in desparation, who tried to make things better for himself and the family, but suffered horrible disappointments .... a man who did not give up no matter what.

He had a son too ... which made the story even better. All through the hardships, he did not give up on his son, believing that he will succeed. And succeed he did when he became the only one chosen from his batch to become a broker .... and he later became a millionaire.

It tells of a story between a father and a son, a relationship who is not threathened by poverty nor by hardships. It tells of a story so beautiful, it is difficult to hold a tear back. Will Smith and his little boy really played the story well.

The second movie was Stepmom.
It starred Susan Saradon and Julia Roberts. A story of how a mum who found out that she has cancer and has to come to terms with the reality of losing her 2 children to the woman who has stolen her husband's heart.

The story goes on to explore how the dying mother hesitated in letting go of her children, how she still wanted to hang on to the past and how she had fought with the younger woman. All through this, she knows that her days are numbered, that she desparately need the comfort of knowing that she will not be replaced.

The screen chemistry of the 2 women and kids was unbelieveable. I have watched this many times and I only felt extremely touched by it when Ryan came along. It brings out the fear in me, that should something happen to me, what would become of Ryan? Would I be lucky enough to have someone take over like Isabel? Would I hold on to the memories and deny reality?

The story naturally has a good ending with the 2 women realising their potentials in shaping the kids and how they acknowledge their roles and influence. But I guess to me, the best part is when the mother articulates all the thoughts that I have for my kid, all the worries and all the constant battles I have with myself in figuring how to best bring Ryan up.

My hubby thinks I am nuts in crying my eyes out and suffer from puffy eyes tomorrow. But then again, mothers are the ones who are more touchy-feely .... which is probably why kids are closer to them.

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