Saturday, May 17, 2008

Say a little prayer tonight

3 nights ago, I started Ryan on his bedtime prayers. I am not advocating any religion to him this time, but I figured that I need to start him early on this so that he will grow up knowing that he has God to talk to, to thank and to know that there is a greater power above.

We prayed together and had picked a spot by the window where we knelt and clasped our hands together and bowed a little. The little payer was easy ....
"Thank you God for the day I have,
Thank you God for the food I eat, for the clothes I wear, for the love I have, for mummy and daddy,
Thank you God,
Good night God"

When we finished the first night, Ryan asked "Why must kneel down? Where is God? I cannot see him?" As usualy his questions will stumped me, but I did my best to explain it to him.

The second night, he was able to remember the first phrase, and still insisted to know where is God.

I am hoping that he is able to continue with this prayer all his life, giving him a sense of appreciation of the things he has. I hoping that I am able to do my part for the next generation through my little boy.

May God Bless You Always.

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Anonymous said...

God is in his heart. :-)