Saturday, May 17, 2008

China, here I come

My parents left for China yesterday, despite the quakes in Sichuan. They are now in Shanghai and going to tour the surrounding areas.

My dad has been talking about this trip for a while now and we did not think that he was serious about it. So, when he declared that he had booked this trip, me and my brother were like "Really ah?". We could not think why anyone would really want to go to China, especially my mum who is like a hygiene inspector walking around.

Anyway, the big day was in sight and I was a little nervous about them going off on their own. Yeah, I think it is my mother instinct kicking in, I was worried that they would be a little lost without us round. Don't get me wrong, they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, it is just that they have never gone on a plane and went so far without me or my brother, so I guess, it deserved some worry.

The night before, we were planning to surprise them at the airport before they departed. We reached at about 6am .... and there was already a sea of people at the airport. It took us some time before we found them amidst a group of people. For a couple of people in their 60's, they sure looked good. Dad has a red backpack on him, looking like a school boy eager to go on his adventure and mum looked cool as ever with her coloured specs and neat hair.

After some last minut checks, the tour guide came and gave them a briefing. It was really amusing for us to see them the oldest amongst the group of 25. The tour guide had more rings and earings than 10 girls put together!

We stood with them waiting to check-in for 30 minutes and before long, they were ready to go through customs and we stood looking at their backs. I felt proud that my parents were off on their adventure, that they were able to enjoy their golden years together, that they were laughing together. My mum told me that she is ver fortunate - no matter where she goes, she always has my father to take care of the directions, the logistics etc. or she will have us to take care of things for her. How fortunate. And I wonder where will I be in my 60's.

Theie plane was scheduled at 8.10am .... and dad was calling us to see if we had reached home at 8.15am!! The plane was a little delayed. By 1.30pm, they had landed. "Landed safely" was dad's message. As of last night, we were told that they had a good half day's tour and had a good dinner and the hotel was a god 4 star. Bro said "Good that it all worked out ok".

Right now, I am thinking that they are on a bus on another day's adventure. I can feel that they are enjoying themselves. And I look forward to another sms from dad. And I look forward to see them next Friday when they return.

My parents are growing up!!

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