Sunday, June 8, 2008

How to survive the damn government's policies

If you think about what the damn government has been doing lately, I must say that it has helped spur people into being more creative with ways to make money. I am not saying everyone would think that way, but maybe 1 in 10 will think about how to make more money and maintain the current lifestyle than the remaining 9 in 10 who are lamenting about t.

I must admit that when I first heard about this silly hike, I was pissed and annoyed (I still am) but then I thought, bloody AAB is not about to retract his statement, so let's find ways to make more money.

This month's Personal Money has an interesting article on 10 ways to start a venture for under RM10k.
1) Go online - make the cyberspace your target market
2) Offer your advice - Talk talk talk ... but with some sense
3) Get inspired by your hobby - turn your hobby into a money making machine
4) Train others - Train other people to be what you are good at
5) Tutor
6) Pick up a skill and turn it into something which will make you some money. My friends and I talked about putting our powerpoint skills into helping others do their reports.
7) Cook, bake - make someone else's stomach grow big while your bank account gets bigger
8) Set up a stall instead of a shop in flea markets etc.
9) Personal selling - MLM, Unit trust, Insurance
10) Keep others fit - fancy pole dancing? Teach others!!

Well, when you come to think of it, these are rather easy things to do to help us increase our incomes. However, there will be people who say that it is too difficult, too hard, too hot, too cold etc.

Nett nett - how bad do you want to increase your money?
Cause if you want it bad enough, all the "too-s" will go away.

I took up (9) ... thinking about (2) as well.

What about you?

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Anonymous said...

furnie you wrote about making extra money. On sunday just decided to take up jewellery/accessories making to cut down cost on my spending habits on those stuffs. Then my someone said maybe you can sell it too. That gave me inspiration and am starting class soon and hopefully i will let making it as much as spending money buying it. :-)