Wednesday, June 4, 2008


That is price of petrol from tomorrow onwards.

Bloody price is just going up and up everyday and I am not sure if my salary can sustain this.
Needless to say the government said we are still one of the cheapest in the region, below the anticipated RM4 blah blah blah ... some bull shit they are feeding us.

Right now, I am so angry about this. Imagine my transportation cost going up 40% overnight and this does not include all the other prices that will increase - food, drinks, consumables etc.

And I wonder what the damn cabinet will be saying tomorrow when there are protests and anger circulating in the country. The people who implemented this will obviously not feel the impact seeing that they are all heavily subsidised. Heck, they should just pull all th perks for the elected ministers and then, they will feel the pinch of us everyday folks.

And I wonder if they will still threaten to have any snap polls - I am sure with a snap of the fingers, they will no longer be Menteris ... Try us!


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