Saturday, August 2, 2008

Moody Ryan

The other day, Ryan's teacher told me that Ryan has been rather moody these days. He will burst out crying at the slightest irritation or when he has to share with the other kids. He was also sulking in class.

The teacher asked if we had talked about the baby and how Ryan felt about it. I personally do not think that it is the baby, but rather how we have been treating Ryan at home. Don't get me wrong, we did not abuse him or anything, just that we have been trying to get him into some routine and make him stick to it. Things like changing, drinking milk and brushing teeth before going to bed. Lately he has been protesting going to bed and will usually cry and cry.

In the morning, it is drinking milk, changing, brushing teeth and going to school. There will be a huge protest on the brushing teeth part and he will start screaming. I figured that it may have been the preotesting and having his way that has upset him.

Seeing that these are not something which I will compromise on, I thought that som effort is needed to coax him into doing these things willlingly.

The past few days has been good after spending some time talking to him BEFORE the occasion happens. Perhaps it is working for him. The teacher said that he has slightly improved, but still too early. Sigh, this parenting work is tough man.

I had briefly thought about getting him to a phycologist to help figure him out .... then I got this stare from hubby which shut the entire idea off.

Ok ok, I am overeacting, but this is my child ma.

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WSL said...

ha ha..yea..i had that 'stare' oso when i read the 'psychologist' word ;D

relax man...u didnt go to any psychologust..and u turn out real fine..abit weirdo but..u r good *wink*