Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ryan's cavity

Ryan has been suffering from teeth problems for as long as I can remember. There is teeth discolouration, cavities, chips etc.

Yesterday, we went to see the dentist again for another cavity I discovered. The doctor was a real darling and managed to get Ryan to sit quietly through the whole procedure. It included having his teeth cleaned, patched and another round of making sure the patch was intact.

Throughout the procedure, Ryan was busy watching PHDC and also communicating with the doctor about his favourite cartoons, what he has at home and what his thoughts were at that time. The doctor had to stop several times to hear him out and resumed again after that.

Finally it was done. The doctor said that Ryan possibly has a natural weakness in his teeth and that it could be due to genetics, difficult pregnancy, difficult labor, overly medicated etc. But none was going to be conclusive. He advised me to take care of his teeth and hopefully to be able to prolong the teeth life as much as possible. It is also possible that we would need to be chasing cavities after cavities since his enamel is weak and likely to fall off easily.

We left after buying a very expensive toothpaste for Ryan, hoping that the calcium can harden the enamel as much as possible. It cost me RM70 per tube, more than the amount I pay for my toothpaste for a year!!!

But then, so long as I can help his little teeth .....

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