Saturday, September 20, 2008

17 September 2008

I should have blogged about this on the same day, but I was too tired.

17 September 2008 marks 12 years of hubby and I being together. It sure sounds like a very long time, but it really felt like it was just yesterday.

I always wonder if there will be another one next year. So far, it has been going on.

We went out to dinner that night, with Ryan too. Before we were married, we used to go on elaborate dates with movies and dinners and usually long walks. And we had gifts exchange too. But then we got the kid and all the stress of everyday life and all the long walks and gifts were exchanged with just a simple dinner with a cranky kid. I am not complaining, but neither am I terribly thrilled with it. But then, to put things into perspective, this is actually something good.

I mean after 12 years, do I realistically think that I no longer want the long walks and dinners and movies etc. Instead, I want something realistic, something real, something full of stress and something meaningful ... I supposed I am still discovering about it now.

Until next year, here's to 12 years of relationship.

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