Sunday, September 7, 2008

This is my magic finger

Ryan has this habit about pointing at people when he talks, especially if he is angry/ annoyed. I am thinking that I may also have an influence on this ...

Yesterday, over dinner, he was trying to tell his father not to buy him the blue Doremon sweet anymore (which came with the cake) because I had told him that the blue colour on his mouth will attract the blue eyed monster to eat his teeth.

And so, he pointed his little finger to his father and said sternly "Dad, don't buy me this sweet anymore!". Before anybody started shouting, I told Ryan not to point ... to which he said "I am not pointing, this is my magic finger. This is to put magic on papa. This is my magic stick. Pipety, poppity poo1!"

I laughed out loud (although I am not supposed to since this is a discipline issue, but then ...).
And this idea came about after he watched Cinderella on PHDC yesterday evening.

Wonder what he will come up with today.

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