Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Me sick

I have been feeling down since last Friday and it finally came in full blown on Saturday when I went back to mum's. I had the typical flu symptoms, skin aching, fever, cough etc. etc.

Ryan was a dear with his constant appearance by my side asking me if I was feeling better and if I can already play with his toys. He would also come and touch my face and feel my forehead. At times he would also come and attempt to massage my temple, thinking I had headache. He was such a dear.

On Sunday, hubby came to mum's because I had said that I would not be able to drive home. He was a dear too, being around to take care of Ryan when I was stuck in bed. I had also been extremely dizzy and constantly coughing, but the both of them got on really well and I was pleased to have them around.

This illness is really getting me, I cannot take strong medicine, nor antibiotics. The doctor gave me 2 days off work and I have been resting well. Hubby was concerned for the little one in me.

Everyone has been great, mum made sure she dozed me with lots of soup and porridge. Dad made us some jelly and pau to bring home to.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better.

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