Friday, March 5, 2010

Situations where my son stumps me ...

I remember when I was a kid, I never had the last say. Mum was always right, mum always had the last word, no matter what.

So, when my son said the following things, I was a little stumped and frankly, I actually found it amusing.

SITUATION 1 - One of those busy mornings where I had to nudge him along.
ME: Mummy is sick, why do I still have to nag you? I cannot talk properly now.
RYAN: But you are still talking so much??
ME: *Blink, blink*

SITUATION 2 - I usually bathe Ryan first so that he can dress himself while I bathe Megan.
ME: Aiyo, I am done bathing you sister already, why are you still not dressed? What if you catch a cold?
RYAN: Because I am waiting for the moon to come down lor.
ME: *Blink, blink*

SITUATION 3 - I sometimes have problems getting Ryan to sleep at night.
Ryan: That is because you night time is my morning and your morning is my night time.
ME: *Blink, blink*

SITUATION 4 - Last week Ryan got sent to the Principal's office because he was fighting with another classmate. When he came back, his class teacher asked him what the principal said.
RYAN: I don't know what she said, she talked so much, so much, I cannot remember already.
His teacher shared this with her colleagues and they all had a good laugh.

SITUATION 5 - Ryan hates to cut his nails.

RYAN: Why you always ask me to cut my nails? Your nails are so long too. Why you don't cut it? Huh? Huh?

ME: *I finally cut my nails cause it was too much trouble, but it still stumped me*

I am sure he will continue to brighten my day in the coming weeks. For now, I am still thinking about whether I should continue to put on a stern face and laugh to myself or should I just burst out when he says these things. What say you?

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