Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The story with Angel(s)

So, this morning, before I send Ryan to school, I said my bye-bye to Megan and called her my little angel. And this is what Ryan has to say ...

RYAN: Don't call Megan little angel.
ME: Why?
RYAN: The Angel in my school is a very rude and naughty girl, so please don't call Megan, angel.
ME: But mummy has a friend called Auntie Angel and she is a nice lady.
RYAN: Yeah, but you have an auntie ya? This girl in school is not an auntie. She is not nice. So, don't call Megan an angel.
ME: Haha, I think Auntie Angel will think you are very cute.
RYAN: Yes, she will think I am a cute little Ryan.
ME: *laughing very hard*

How la like this? He is only 5 years old and already so witty. Wonder what it would be like when he grows a day older tomorrow.

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