Thursday, April 1, 2010

How my kids delight me

In one of those horrible tired days, my kids delight me in so many ways. Amongst them ...

RYAN: Mum, let's play hide and seek.
ME: No, of course not.
RYAN: Why?
ME: Cause I am too big and I have no where to hide.
RYAN: Aiya, you just hide somewhere lo, your stomach is so soft, people will think it is a pillow!
ME: *not sure I should cry or laugh*

But I should go to the gym more often!

In another, I was on the floor lazing around when Megan came to me grinning away and then proceeded to SIT on my tummy. Then, she decided it was more fun to bounce up and down on me!

Now, she is not exactly light and my tummy is not exactly toned, and so, the pain is truly felt! When I push her off, she comes right back at me, grinning. On top of that, she has discovered that it is more fun to poke my navel than hers!

Her ko-ko is of course finding this all amusing and is rolling off the bed laughing!

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