Sunday, April 18, 2010

Megan today

Megan is now past her 15th month and it has been a joy to have her around. Among her many amusing ways are:

1) She is a no care in the world girl. If she falls, she will pick herself right up and the world goes on for her. Sometimes, she will wail if it got too much, else she will move right along.

2) She can be wet from playing with water, messy after a meal or even sweaty from so much running, but none of these things will bother her ... seems like she can glide through the messiest of messy.

3) She has this habit of hanging out her right leg over her high chair and she will shake it while eating. Bad habit I know, but it is really funny, always makes me smile secretly.

4) She thoroughly enjoys her food. She is not afraid to eat with her hands, elbows, fingers etc. so long as the food gets into her mouth! And she slurps her noodles in and flashes you a big smile!

5) She is feisty. Fights with her brother and usually uses her nail and scratch you like a cat! Don't get near her when she is in this mood!

6) Last week, we went for a swim and she cannot wait to get out of her float and into the water. She literally jumped into the water without any float, arm floats etc. Gave her brother a real scare! Now, she has taken to arm floats and swims around with ease.

7) Brother's dog really likes her. Maybe because he can identify with a her. Puppy = toddler. And she is also into the pup, except when she is too near her too often. That is when she will turn around a slap him a bit.

8) She also babbles and attempts to talk a lot, a lot, a lot. I am soon going to have to tape her up!

Baby Megan is growing so well, she is now really a darling to be with. Looking forward to her growth tomorrow.

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