Monday, April 12, 2010

Lost my child in Ikea

Yesterday, I was at Ikea with Auntie M with the kids. We figured, between the 2 of us, we can take care of the kids. I wanted to get some accessories for the wardrobes.

Somewhere in the middle, the kids were bored and Megan wanted her milk. I then carried her and Ryan was between Auntie M and I. Between Megan in my hands and trying to find my stuff, Ryan was getting a little restless and he wandered off. Before anyone start to scold me, understand that I will never leave him unattended. He was about within my ear shot because I heard him talking to me.

And then, at the blink of an eye, he was gone. I started to get anxious and then, I panic. He could not have wandered far and we tried in vain to look for him. I finally approached a Ikea personnel and said that I had lost my child.

She calmly phoned customer service. And then, it happened - my phone rang together with the announcement over the PA system "We have a Chinese boy aged 5 years named Ryan with a red Ben 10 shirt here". My heart almost stopped.

The man on the other side of the line told me "Miss, we have your son here".

Apparently he walked off when we were talking and then, after a few turns, he was lost and cried out for me. The Ikea personnel figured he was lost and so, led him to the customer service centre where he gave her my phone number, his name and age.

The lady said he was so clever when I collected him. My poor baby was all traumatized and he was silent for a good 30 minutes or so. I was beside myself and could not resist giving him a lecture. Auntie M came shortly and told him about bad people who cut limbs etc. of kids.

After all that, I must admit that I was proud that he could talk so calmly and could also remember my number in those times of panic.

I will now think more before taking them along with me to these types of places. I cannot imagine what would have happened if I could not find him.

Bless him. And thank goodness for the staff of Ikea. Thank you.


Leona said...

I feel so much what you are feeling. The panic at that moment when you can't find him. I too have felt that a few times when I am out with my Ryan. Thank God that he was found quickly by the Ikea staff and that your boy is a smart boy!

I am always screaming at my boy to stay close to me when we are out shopping. But he always wanders off. Many times I just find it easier to plop him in the trolley so he won't be running off on his own.

Kiasu Mom said...

I think this is when the harness will come in handy. I have been contemplating whether to get one but I think after reading this I probably should...

Gina Yong said...

I'm also in fear of losing my kids. I got the harness for the first one, and people commented that it looked like I'm walking the dog! WTH! It's my kid, and to hell with their comments. Subseuently, when my eldest is bigger, he helped me keep the other 3 in check.

Anonymous said...

Can't imagine if I were in your situation. I am not so much worried about Ian coz he is always scared and stick close to me. It is Isabel that I am worried. She doesn't mind to be very far away from me. She doesn't pay attention of her surrounding, including whether mummy is still around or not. She would follow her feeling and do/go whatever/wherever she likes.

Good that he knows your number. Ian also knows my number, but just my number not others! Isabel is a bit slow, until now still no interest to know my number. :(

Anyway, you have good training to Ryan, huh?! Kudos!

Suzette said...

Ah! The 'annonymous' was me! Dunno why my URL can't be displayed. :(

Busy Bee said...

Leona - I used to plop him into the trolley, now he cannot fit in it! Sob, sob.

Kiasu Mom - Yes, Mothercare has some good harness.

Gina - I got one earlier but then it was not so suitable cause it took forever to put on and he was wriggling so much! Now got one which looked less like a dog leash, but I really don't care much of what others think.

Suzette - I think our kids have very similar characters la. Short of this one incident, Ryan is much like Ian. And Megan is like Isabel, she does not really care at all!