Friday, October 29, 2010

My 5 year old hero

Yesterday was Ryan's Sports Day and I had spent the entire day on my feet. I was really tired. By the evening, my legs were so sore that I could not feel them. Slumping on the sofa felt really good ... and I did just that.

The kids were in the TV room playing, while I was trying to catch a quick nap there, although the kids were noisy!

I had told the kids to leave me for 10 minutes because my legs were sore. And after 10 minutes, I will do their wizard hats for them. Now because they did not know how long is 10 minutes, I managed to get time exceeding this!

And I did get up after my so-call 10 minutes were up and were doing some artwork with them. Their daddy came back and sat himself right in front of the TV and started to dictate some work to me about his product photos.

My 5 year old hero spoke up for me and told his daddy "Dad, don't ask mum to do anything. Her legs are sore. She deserves a rest!"

Wow, when I heard this, I was so happy that despite scolding them the most, I think they ultimately still believes that the mum is the best!!

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