Monday, September 19, 2011

Flipping and babbling

That is my baby, precious Dylan. There has been many developments with him, although it is not so frequently updated by his lazy mum.

Since the first month, his neck was already very strong, really strong. He started to turn his head when he was barely a week old! So, when we put him on his tummy facing right, the next thing you know, he is already facing left! His older siblings did this when they were a month old! 

Here he is seen at 5.5 months old, sitting in my car, waiting to be carried out to the babysitter. My mum said, chicks would have grown to be a full term chicken now and ready to be eaten! We humans seem to take a long while. 

Dylan started to kick himself over when he was about 4 months. He also started teething about the same time. The teeth are no where out, but the flipping is happening. 

In the last 2 weeks, he also started to babble more clearly, really. And it is almost like he is talking to you, cause he will look deeply into your eyes and smiles at you. 

I am so looking forward to 6 months, time to get the plates out and a dip in the pool! 

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