Thursday, September 15, 2011

Infactuated with Pink

I used to say that if I have a daughter, I will not put pink on her simply because I do not want the typical pink associated girl in her.

Sigh, wishful thinking that is.

When Megan was born, it started with little pink laces, then it became pink socks, then it became pink tops, then pink flowers ... and before I know it, she was all covered in pink.

And it is true, girls do look better in pink.

And now that she knows her colours, she will insist on things being in pink. And she is very insistent about it.

And while I do not mind it so much now, I do hope she grows out of it. Cos now it looks like she is in uniform - pink top, pink bottom, pink socks ... I have a pink panther at home ...

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