Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today Ryan had an unfortunate day.
He encountered 4 accidents in a day!

First, he kicked the altar at nanny's house when he attempted to kick the ball and ended giving himself a rather big bruise. Nanny put on a plaster on him.

Secondly, he caught his little finger between the grilles and got himself a small cut. There was plaster here too.

Thirdly, nanny said that he walked himself into the head and got himself a nasty bump on the head.

And fourthly, when I got him back, I motioned him to run to daddy ... he did and he fell flat on the road! I was dismayed, but luckily Ryan is one tough boy and so he got up and brushed himself and continued running to his daddy!

Phew! I am thankful that he is a tough guy, else I would have been in real fix! Bless that little boy!

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