Friday, June 22, 2007


I bought Ryan his first set of puzzles when he was about a year old.
I'd read about this in a friend's blog and it seemed to me that this was a great activity for a kid to do in order to train his attention span as well as to enhace his motor skills.

As I was a little desparate that day to buy this, I wasted no time to hunt around KLCC, instead I walked straight into Mothercare and bought the one that I thought would appeal to Ryan.

It was a set of 4 2-pc puzzles which had transportation as the theme. Imagine my satisfaction in getting this that the price was not a barrier to the purchase although my friend had said that she got hers at 25% of the price I'd paid.

Well, needless to say, Ryan was just as excited as I was when he saw the puzzles .... but mummy had over estimated his capability, cause he has not yet developed the "linkages" and had to be told which goes with which and then also helped to put them together. Also, at that time, he was more facinated with the texture and shape of the pieces that he actually chewed on them!

However, 2 days before my birthday, he sat down and was quiet for a while. I looked at him and to my joy, found that he has successfully completed all the sets of puzzles without even asking for help! Hooray!!! He was so pleased with himself that he clapped and clapped and clapped!!

Since then he has attempted

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