Saturday, June 23, 2007

Whisper, whisper

This afternoon, Ryan came up to me and whispered in my ear.
I'd never thought that he would do such things at this age - I mean, what would they want to whisper about right?? They are really loud these days.

Turns out, he actually does not have much to whisper about, just that he wants to act out the act and he was actually quite good at it. He went soft when he had to, but I had no idea what he said because I was too caught up with how my hairs were standing all over!

But, I have to admit, he has made my day with yet another milestone achieved.
Way to go Ryan!


Anonymous said...

sorry to intrude. But have not heard from your bro for quite a while and he is not returning sms-es and phone calls. Hope everything is ok?

-minghuey & bryan-

Busy Bee said...

hi hi ... yeap he is ok. he is in SGP at the moment. Will be back tomorrow. Thanks for the concern.

Anonymous said...

his phone is barred.. guess over the limit.

mh said...
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Anonymous said...

hahahah...ok. good to know that everything is ok with him and family. You guys take care.