Monday, October 22, 2007

Firat post meme

I got this from Suzette some days back.
The idea is to copy my very first post on my blog and compare to see if I have changed in any way - writing that is!

My first post was on 21st June 2005 under Ryan's blog on MSN spaces.

"This morning I woke up crying at 4am ... mummy could not pacify me so daddy had to take me out of the room to pacify me.
After an hour, I was still crying, so daddy brought me back to mummy for my 'milk milk'. I lay beside mummy gulping down my 'milk milk' while mummy fell asleep.
Later, I saw mummy waking up and looking at me ... I gave her one of my 'milky smiles'. I am sure she was very happy!
Tomorrow I am going to PD, to Poh Poh's place. Mummy is going to go to Avillion for her Department Away Day. I will miss mummy while she is gone."

I had started a blog with the intention to write down all my thoughts and experience with Ryan from his point of view. It started out just fine until one day I found that I have more to say from MY point, so I created one for myself here.

Then I decided that I want to combine both - much easier to manage, so here I am.
Now, I am not sure if I have improved, but I definitely have a more challenging time now putting my thoughts in the blog with Ryan around constantly trying to get a hold of my keyboard!

Looking back at my initial posts sure brings back sweet memories of my initial days of motherhood!


Suzette said...

:) Thanks for continuing the meme... In my opinion, your blogging style hasn't changed. :)

Suzette said...

Oh, BTW, the post title is so funny... FirAT post?? :P