Wednesday, September 9, 2009

090909 - My baby turns 8 months old

My sweet Megan today turns 8 months old. Seen here, she is about a week short of that and already she has the strong character which I hope one day will help her go through the different phases in life.

Usually, she will be seen with a big smile on her face and it will usually melt your heart.

And recently, she has added 2 more teeth to her collection - look at the size of those teeth! Ouch!

A look at her development to date:

1) Apparently she is showing signs of independence.
~ Hmm, yes, she is able to play by herself for a while. She is also able to lie on the bed a while in the morning after she wakes up and I am not around. But I do not think she is able to self-soothe herself though. If at all, she gets even more worked up each time she does not get her way.

2) Apparently, she will develop some attachment to inanimate objects e.g. pillow, blanket, soft toy but to date, it is still not showing yet.

3) Able to/ develop the curiosity to self-feed.
~ For sure she does this, weeks ago! She is able to cupped her hand to take the cup in her hands, able to hold the spoon and stick it into her mouth. I bought her some organic finger food. She has learnt to bite off it now.

4) Separation anxiety is taking place now. Last week, at my mum 's house, I could barely put her down as the wails will bring the wall come tumbling down! All she wanted was to be in my arms. And then when she saw Auntie Wati, she started to sob too! But so far, she did not cry when I leave her with the nanny.

5) Megan is also able to hold 2 objects, one in each hand. And I have started to teach her to bang against each other so that she will understand consequences of her action.

6) If you take something from her while she is playing with it - expects wails of protest!

7) She understands that if she does something and we give her positive (or negative) reaction, she will expect similar reaction when she repeats them again.

8) And she has started creeping!! But she is a little on the havoc side. Unlike Ryan, Megan will literally creep off the bed edge!! Really have to be careful with this one.

9) Megan has a super straight back when she sits. Again, unlike Ryan who keeps falling backwards, Megan is able to sit properly for a longer period of time. If at all she falls, it is likely to be forward rather than backwards.

10) These last couple of days, Megan started to attempt to stand while supporting herself.

There, 8 whole months, looking forward to her next month.

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Kiasu Mom said...

wow... 8 mths liao? The day when I read about your labour felt like just a few days back :-)