Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our weekend outing

Ever since the flu bug came along, our visits to the malls have been decreasing by the weeks.

And so, in order to expand my kids' energy, I have decided to bring them out to the park as well as to the hill near our house.

I must say that it is way better than being stuck in the malls with so many other people, not to mention the damaging effects on my wallet.

Ryan seen here in front of a pile of sand. We were kicking balls when this caught his eye and he decided this was way better to play with then the very colourful ball. I decided to turn a blind eye on the potential manifestation of bacteria there.

Megan seen here in her stroller. I think she is a little agitated seeing her brother having so much fun. I suspect she will learn to walk faster than her brother!
Last weekend, we also went to the park to cycle and run a bit. Helps me burn some calories too.
Looking forward to this week's outing.

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Kiasu Mom said...

This is definitely better than going to a mall!