Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Megan's first holiday away from home

September 19th, 2009 is the day my little princess went on her first holiday. We went to Bukit Tinggi for the night. The whole family went including my parents and brother. I was a little stressed since I was not sure how she will react to the trip ... specifically if she will be able to sleep just as well.

Here she is seen sleeping just before we left for Bukit Tinggi. Doesn't she look absolutely adorable? Thankfully, both the kids behaved well throughout the trip. The drive was good except that I felt a little dizzy going up those bends.

Cheeky Ryan seen here when we went to walk at the French street. There was a fair going on and there was a booth where you can use a long fishing rod to fish some ducks out. The numbers on the ducks tells you the size of the prizes.

Ryan's first attempt gave him a "2". It was a medium sized tiger. However, he was not happy since he had wanted a dolphin. He stood around the booth and pouted till the man manning the booth said "Aiya, here you go la." and handed him the dolphin he had wanted. Ryan was delirious!

Megan, the dolphin and Ryan seen here on the mattress the next morning after a blissful night. Ryan was kind enough to let Megan touch and feel the dolphin after holding on to it the whole night. Ryan brought his new set of colour pencils and pens to draw and colour.

The fishes at the Japanese Garden is really big. I was half afraid that Ryan will fall into the water and would be gobbled by the fishes!

Hubby went to pluck some leaves for my boy to feed the deers. Good that he was not afraid of them. However, the deers did not look very well kept. Pity.

Ryan feeding a little bunny here. All the bunnies looked like they could do with a bigger place. However, Ryan enjoyed himself tremendously.
And where was Megan? Asleep in her daddy's arms most of the time. Poor daddy had to suffer from backache from all the weight!
All in all, it was a good trip. For sure we shall repeat this some day. We were thinking of getting the kids to an island trip soon. Any ideas which island would be good?

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